Corporate Advisory

AMT Associates corporate advisors, are composed of ex corporate finance professionals, who have over 100 years of experience dealing with business owners, accountants, and managers.

Institutional Trading

AMT Associates has access to a wealth of market knowledge, and a network of global securities dealers. This gives us access to a wide array of securities that would be otherwise unavailable...

Planning for retirement

Retirement planning may not be something you think about when you are 25, but it is something you should be considering as early as possible. Starting to work towards a retirement plan...


Welcome to AMT Associates

AMT Associates is a well-established highly motivated financial services group based in Hong Kong. Since our inception in 2012 we have been dedicated to supporting our clients, and implementing well researched strategies to assist them with reaching their financial aspirations.

Our unique tailor made portfolios are created to maximize our client’s wealth, while ensuring that they are comfortable with the strategies in place, we offer a very personal Broker-client relationship which enables us to truly know what you are looking for with your investments.

Founded in 2012, our team has steadily grown with highly experienced financial professionals, who offer our clients a service to match, this has enable us to become one of Asia’s leading full service brokers. AMT Associates has not stopped growing, and never will, we continue to learn and utilize new tools as we value each of our clients. The approach that our teams take at AMT Associates guarantees smooth trading and a portfolio you will be proud of.

For a Consultation with one of our experienced advisors, and to find out how they can assist you with your current portfolio, or create a new one, please feel free to Contact us.