AMT Associates has access to a wealth of market knowledge, and a network of global securities dealers. This gives us access to a wide array of securities that would be otherwise unavailable to you as an individual. We implement the use of our state of the art technology, to keep us in contact with researchers and analysts strategically positioned around the world to give us the best information when it is still relevant. This gives our clients the most current information on their investments which in turn maximizes their returns. Combining the expertise of our portfolio managers and our researchers we are able to offer our clients the right investments at the right time.

AMT Associates Institutional trading team offers our clients a diverse range of products and services to add value to their current portfolios or to create new ones. Our team know that when it comes to choosing an advisor you want just that advice. We listen to you, and understand your needs before we give you any information or advice so that we only offer you with investment opportunities that you need and that fit into your plan. If you are looking for advice we give you that, we will not instruct you, and that is why we have been a leader in our field, we give our clients what they want.

Each of our clients’ portfolios are tailor made to suit their needs and preferences we can offer you services that include:
- Access to greater liquidity, and assistance in minimizing trading costs
- diverse exposure to the markets, enabling higher returns
- a specific plan that is built around your organizations current strategy
- access to a team of brokers available to give you real time information on your portfolio
- the ability to work with a well-known and trusted financial institution, who has been recognized for its unique approach to the markets, and client satisfaction.

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