AMT Associates has a strong focus on bringing our clients high quality research that is both accurate and timely. Our research teams who are strategically positioned around the world excel when it comes to bringing us the information we need when we need it. With our clients in mind we are able to bring them the information that is relevant and beneficial to their portfolios.

Our research team has been vital to our success since our inception in 2000, information is one of the most important parts of any portfolio or investment decision. Without the right information, and the right analysis of that information, investing would be a shot in the dark.

Our research team is dedicated to bringing us innovative new investment opportunities to give to our clients. This in turn enables our clients to have a far larger selection of investment paths should they wish to take them.


Our strategies have been adapted and practiced as the market evolves, to ensure that each of the opportunities we offer our clients are of the highest quality that they deserve. Utilizing our market assessment techniques such as liability management, risk adjusted return and growth potential allows us to have a deep insight into what works for our clients’ portfolios and what needs adjusting to maximize their returns.

AMT Associates ability to be able to compare and contrast financial institutions, and corporations has been a key tool for our clients and our team of portfolio managers alike.

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