AMT Associates contains financial professionals who are highly educated and experienced in their chosen fields. Our highly attentive team, and “risk tailored” advice ensure that each of our clients are comfortable and satisfied with every trade.

We create fully customizable and tailored portfolios that are suited to your goals and aspirations. By working closely with you, and your current financial advisor, tax consultants in your locale, our programs ensure that you are secure when dealing internationally. At our core our principals are entirely client focused and this is the key to our success.

Our Values

Our clients are of paramount importance to us, the success of each of our clients’ portfolio means as much to us as it does to you. Our team of portfolio managers ensure that each of our strategies and portfolios are created with you in mind. We do not offer you advice you don’t need, in areas you don’t want to invest in. we get to know you and your financial needs and create a plan that works for you.

Expertise backed by results

With a combined experience of over 3 century’s, Our expertise and information ensures our clients are exposed to the right trends in the market, new opportunities and an extensive range of alternative investments, this allows for our clients to enhance their portfolio and have a chance to grow in other markets that their local broker simply would not be able to find.

Our Philosophy

We Believe that each of our client’s portfolios are as unique as they are, which is why we do not offer blanket investments. Your portfolio manager will work with you to find what your interests are, what risk tolerance you have and other key pieces of information that will enable us to offer the correct path to your goal which suits your lifestyle, your goals and your timeline. Each of our portfolios are tailor made to the holder, we grow our relationships with our clients so that they always know we have their best interest at heart when it comes to their finance.

Committed to serving you.

AMT Associates is dedicated to producing the best possible results for each of our clients, which has earned us our renowned reputation through the years. We pride ourselves on creating and ensuring strong client relationships throughout your journey with us. Each member of our team shares the same values when it comes to our clients, and we are comfortable in our ability to satisfy your needs as one of our clients. Our approach ensures that the service we provide you will give you peace of mind when it comes to your financial situation.

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